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Many Local Authorities and Fire Marshal’s require routine inspections on fire alarm systems and their components. It’s the building owner or manager’s responsibility to make certain that these inspections are done at the necessary intervals and documented properly. The main goal of a fire alarm inspection is to provide visual confirmation that a system or component is working properly, in the proper location, free from physical damage, or any condition that could impair operation.
A good proactive fire alarm inspection plan is essential to catching problems early on, in between, or during testing cycles. Although some components should be inspected weekly or monthly, many require inspections on a quarterly, semiannual, or annual basis. Tikva Security’s Experts develop a schedule based on your fire alarm and local code requirements. We work closely with you to make sure your system and its components are inspected at the right intervals.


Fire alarm testing involves operational tests in which the system components are activated and their proper operation is verified. These tests cover many different devices and system components including:
  • Smoke detector sensitivity test
  • Notification appliance audibility/intelligibility
  • Battery load tests

Tikva creates a schedule and uses a testing format that meets or exceeds national and local code requirements. The goal is to ensure systems are operating within the ranges optimal for peak performance.
Tikva Security’s customized forms and test reports detail all of the system’s functions, devices, and also identifies any deficiencies. We take time to discuss these test report’s results with our customers so that we can answer their questions and address any areas of concern. Tikva also provides access to these reports anytime in our secure online Customer Portal as part of the complete service packages we offer our costumers.

Providing security solutions that makes your life easier

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